NYE Express General Trading, LLC. is dedicated to serving its customers, from award-winning hotels and restaurants to passionate gourmands.


The term "Nye," (pronounced "nai") in Farsi is synonym of a bamboo pen and a flute. With its Afghanistan roots, NYE Express started its work as distributor of print media aiming to spread knowledge. In the UAE, NYE has branched into multiple industries while continuing to spread knowledge, but this time, with its distribution services of specialty (gourmet) food items.

NYE has become a leading supplier of premium sturgeon caviar throughout the UAE with its partnership with AmStur. The Company provides exceptional food handling and distribution services and uses its in-depth knowledge of the nation's diverse cultures and communication traditions to effectively promote new concepts and products through a dynamic marketing division. NYE provides a cost effective and reliable solution to all premium specialty food brands keen on entering the UAE market.

The Company firmly believes in properly representing and supporting their partners throughout the UAE while directly assisting their marketing and sales efforts. Furthermore, NYE's extensive network in the region ensures greater coverage and market penetration.

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